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           Jinan Gelan Compressor Co., Ltd. is located in Jixi Industrial Park, Pingyin County, Jinan City with beautiful scenery, and the foundry factory is located in Ligou Village with beautiful scenery. No.20 National Highway, No.105 National Highway, Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway and Qinglan Expressway meet here, one hour's drive from Jinan International Airport, and the traffic is very convenient.

           The company is a joint-stock enterprise with two production plants, 10 departments and 4 production workshops. At present, the company's foundry plant covers an area of 78 mu with a building area of 20,000 square meters. The processing plant covers an area of 30 mu with a building area of 12,000 square meters. The company has more than 170 employees. At the foundry factory, the company has a production line of resin sand castings with an annual output of 10,000 tons, a production line of clay sand castings, two dual-power medium frequency induction electric furnaces and several other casting equipments. It has a complete set of production testing equipment such as physical and chemical test, molding sand test, metallographic test, spectral test, mechanical test, nondestructive testing, etc., and is capable of producing various high-quality castings with medium and high difficulty, such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, alloy cast iron, corrosion-resistant cast iron and cast steel. There are machining centers, large-scale vertical lathes, boring machines, CNC lathes, wire cutting machines, honing machines, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, slotting machines, drilling machines and other mechanical processing equipment in the factory area. It has a complete set of production testing equipment for measuring and testing the performance of accessories, and has the ability to process all kinds of mechanical accessories.

        The company has established the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management system; It is the foundry access enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2015, a high-tech enterprise, a member of China Foundry Association, a member of Shandong Foundry Association, a member of China General Machinery Association Compressor Branch, a specialized and special enterprise in Jinan, and a green factory in Jinan. The company has a number of independent intellectual property patents.

       The company has entered the age of 30, and has always adhered to the people-oriented concept of respecting knowledge and talents, gathered a group of casting, processing and installation industry elites, and established a good social image in the talent competition; Always adhere to the business philosophy of civilization, honesty and independent innovation, and establish a good brand image in the market competition; Our products sell well all over the country. "Gelan" brand products have been recognized by customers and enjoy a high reputation among customers.

        Welcome people at home and abroad to patronize us, and "Gelan people" sincerely cooperate with you.