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Commercial Pool Management and Services

RipTide Pool Management, LLC, one of the freshest faces in the Northern Colorado aquatic services scene, strives to provide their customers with an invigorating sense of community and enjoyment at each of their pools. RipTide Pool Management leads a team of highly trained professionals to provide their customers with safe, care-free, and enjoyable summers that create lasting memories.

Commercial Pool Management and ServicesThe owner is in constant contact with the lifeguards and managers at each pool, visiting the each facility often to ensure pool operations are running smoothly and efficiently. The complete RipTide staff spends significant time getting to know their customers and members in an effort to build relationships and meet the needs and desires of their facility.

You are important, we are active and involved! At your request a RipTide Pool Management representative can attend your board meetings or meet with a representative of your choice to address any problems or concerns you may have promptly and to your satisfaction.

When it comes time to assess your pool operations for the season, let RipTide Pool Management present you with information that will help you make the best decision in your selection of a pool management company. We can provide a reference list and letters of recommendations from clients that have used our services in which you may wish to contact. We will also let prospective clients know of other companies that may provide services that better suit the needs of their community.

RipTide Pool Management’s contract pricing is based on the number of guards, facility hours of operations, coverage needed, as well as who pays for chemicals, janitorial supplies, and permits, in addition to other desired services.

RipTide Pool Management strives to provide each of its customers a fun, memorable, and safe environment for the patrons of each facility we manage. Our lifeguard training programs and established personal relationships with staff and members help to ensure this quality of service. Our service staff is committed to ensuring the longevity and proper maintenance of each pool we manage. Our teams are committed to working with each community to make sure that we provide the best pool management and services, in a responsible and quality manner.


Lifeguard Services

Lifeguard ServicesRipTide Pool Management hires and trains lifeguards through the internationally recognized Starfish Aquatics Institutes standards and practices. Unlike other nationally recognized lifeguard certification organizations, Starfish Aquatics Institute requires annual re-certification of its lifeguards in order to keep all lifeguards in the premier level of aquatic life safety and awareness. With regular seasonal performance audits of our lifeguards, RipTide works to keep this top level of training in peak form throughout the season. RipTide Pool Management takes responsibility for paying them at an equitable pay rates commensurate with your area.


Chemicals, Supplies and Services

With RipTide Pool Management, pool chemicals, test kit chemicals, janitorial supplies and first aid items, can be included in your management contract to suit your facility’s needs.


Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to handling all seasonal openings and closings for our customers, RipTide Pool Management provides full season preventative maintenance for your facility in addition to providing our customers with fast and effective repair service in the event of necessary repair or part replacement.


Aquatic and Other Community Programs

Aquatic and Other Community ProgramsAquatic and Other Community ProgramsAt our customer’s request, RipTide Pool Management provides our customers with an unparalleled youth swimming lesson program designed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute. The RipTide Starfish Swim School not only provides its students with necessary swimming skills in a fun, exciting environment, but includes a safety benchmark requirement that each student must pass before progressing to the next level.
In addition to the RipTide Starfish Swim School, at our customers request, we can provide such classes and programs as Youth Swim Team, Masters Swimming, Adult Aqua Fitness, and even non-aquatic programs such as youth and adult tennis just to name a few!


Obtaining and Estimate from RipTide Pool Management, LLC

Our comprehensive pool management programs are affordable and effortless for you. We customize a management team and pool requirements according to your community needs and lifestyle.
In you are interested in receiving a proposal for pool management services from us, please contact Erin Harrison at email riptidepool@gmail.com to discuss your particular requirements and other requests.

Obtaining and Estimate from RipTide Pool Management, LLC

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